Our Elders

Michael Jones



Michael is a local mailman who you may see on Albany or Geneva streets in downtown Ithaca.  He and his wife Mary have five children ranging in age from 8 to 26.  He is endeavoring to write children's literature involving biblical patterns as to how God made the world with time for feasting, festivity and music.  Happy reading!




He is a musician, accompanying the music at our church with a 12 string guitar and his daughter Mercy on piano. Michael is a graduate of Cornell University.  He and his wife Mary (since 1993) homeschool.

Elder Emeritus:
Ralph Reigle
Ralph was raised in a Pentecostal Christian home, saved at a young age and has been in church leadership since the 1970's.  He has served in pastoral ministry since 1982 (1st in a Baptist church, followed by a federated Methodist/Presbyterian and then a community/reforming church before joining CCI). Married since Oct. 1978 to Sonya; father of 8 children ( + part of raising many others), grandfather of 5 boys.



Steve Jones



Stephen Clement Jones grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and was Senior Class President of Abington High School.  He attended Wesleyan University and gained a PhD in social psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.  He taught social psychology at Cornell for 13 years before experiencing some seismic worldview readjustments which caused him to let go of a tenured career track and follow Jesus.  He became a handyman for seven dollars an hour for seven years.  After faithfully attending church and reading the Bible a lot, he became a pastor in 1992 and, along with his wife Mitzi, founded Refuge Temple of Jesus Christ which grew into Christ Church of Ithaca.  He has written a semi-fictional book about these changes in his life.  Steve lives at 100 W. Seneca St, enjoys much time with his grandchildren, and welcomes conversation.



Elder now in heaven:
Ralph Selin


Elder Ralph Selin: Born to Anton and Ruth Selin. Attended Buffalo Bible Institute after graduating from Clarence Central High School. Also had 11 hours from Trinity Divinity School. Mary and I were married 50 years and have 2 wonderful daughters, Linnea and Jennifer. Linnea and Carl have given us four grandchildren and Jennifer was married September 28, 2013.  Had been a pastor since 1984.  Loved Jesus and enjoyed outdoor activities and motorsports.